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Walkathon 2015

The 50K  Walkathon for Education was held on May 16, 2015. Simeon walked from his ‘casa’ in Chico to Mi CASA (on Booth Ave, Gridley, CA). Students were on hand to welcome Simeon to the Housing Authority of Butte County, home of Mi CASA and farm labor students’ families. Simeon, Mi CASA parents and students enjoyed desserts and fruit drinks served by former students  (now students at CSU Chico). Simeon addressed the large gathering of families with encouragement and praise. He spoke of the outstanding success of Mi CASA after school program students on California State Tests this spring. Parents greeted him to share their appreciation of his dedication, dreams and extreme effort.  Generous sponsors raised $2,500 toward summer science field trips for Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Graders. Additional donations may be made to help defray tutor and teacher costs for summer 2015 programs and 2015 – 2016 academic programs.


Thank you Simeon!

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