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Avalos Foundation Scholarships & Awards


Center of the back Row – Alma-Ruth Gutierrez-Avalos, Right side – Arnoldo Avalos with “A” students

In June, 2014, the Avalos Foundation presented $750 presented in parent awards to the parents of 7 students.  The Avalos Foundation values education and realizes that paren involvement is key in avalos foundationstudent success.  So, parents are awarded $25 for every “A” their child has on their semester report card.  When the child goes to college, they will receive a matching funds scholarship equal to the amount they have earned throughout jr. high and high school.   We are so grateful to Arnoldo Avalos, his family, and his foundation for their support.

Arnoldo emigrated from a small agricultural town of Juchitlan Jalisco, Mexico to Gridley, Californiaavalos3 as a child. As the youngest of seven siblings, Arnoldo and his family worked as migrant farm workers toiling in the peach, prune, and cherry orchards to survive. During the summers, the familia Avalos traveled to Oregon, Washington, and Montana following the seasonal fruit harvest. Arnoldo was driven and determined to have a better life and leave the arduous migrant lifestyle; an education was vehicle for a better life. Arnoldo graduated from Gridley High School and participated as a Congressional Intern working for the US House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture before arriving at the University of California, Berkeley. Arnoldo, subsequently, graduated with honors from Cal with a History Degree. He received a master’s degreeavalos2 in Government from Harvard University. Arnoldo has worked for very successful and globally reputable companies: Cisco Systems, Google, and Facebook mostly in the areas of Human Resources. Arnoldo sits on various non-profit community boards, Latino Community Foundation and Hermanos Unidos. Recently, California’s Governor Brown appointed Arnoldo to the California Community Colllege Board of Governors where he helps to oversee 113 Community Colleges. Find out more at



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